Advanced Lithium Power Systems

Our mission : to make high performance batteries affordable for your application.

A modular battery system designed for small and medium series : more cost effective, more flexible and faster to implement.

A modular battery system designed for small and medium series : more cost effective, more flexible and faster to implement.

Would it be for a full electric or a fuel cell hybrid application, all vehicle and machine manufacturers have access to a simple and efficient solution for clean power.

Each vehicle type requires a minimum of engineering work depending on the needed performance and work environment. WATTALPS solution requires only a few weeks of engineering for implementation. The R&D phase is thus considerably reduced.

WATTALPS batteries being modular, integrators can capitalize on their developments on their whole product range and therefore significantly improve their return on investment.

  • Construction equipment

  • Material handling equipment

  • Special machines

  • Agricultural applications

  • Marine

  • Municipal vehicles

Worksite mobile charging stations

Our lithium-ion battery modules are used to manufacture mobile charging stations, allowing to quickly start your works with clean energy.

Automotive market

With their remarkable energy density, WATTALPS batteries are also well adapted for an integration into cars. Our modular batteries enable to turn IC engine vehicles into fully electric ones or to design new full electric vehicles easily.

WATTALPS goal : innovate to make integration of high performance batteries possible in all type of vehicles.

World class energy density

Our state-of-the-art energy density modules combined with a modular mechanical concept allows to fit a lot of energy in small spaces.

Length: 335 mm
Width: 200 mm
Height: 90 mm

A modular offer to reduce cost and time-to-market

Our battery systems are composed of a set of assembled standard bricks to offer you high performance solutions adapted to your constraints and to avoid specific developments.

Premium liquid cooling

Whatever your region or climate, from very cold to very hot (-20°C / +45°C), our temperature control technology ensures optimal performances in all conditions.

Battery recycling at the end of life

The recycling of lithium batteries is a key driver of clean power development. WATTALPS commits to recycle at its expense all the batteries that the company puts on the market.

WATTALPS technology is protected by several patents.

WATTALPS’ exclusive technology

Immersed cells for :

  • Passive safety
  • Best cooling efficiency
  • High life
  • Fast charge capability
  • Cell protection (IP67, IP6K9K)

WATTALPS supplies the battery with a turnkey thermal kit.

Our system is composed of three elementary « bricks » which can be freely combined allowing multiple configurations.

WATTALPS’ goal is to offer a range of standard and modular products so as to make their integration into vehicles or charging stations faster, more efficient and more cost effective. Custom developments of specific auxiliaries can be studied upon request.

The lithium battery modules

We offer several types of battery modules, all fitting in the same casing, with the same interface, which can be split in 3 families:

  • Long life module
  • High energy module
  • High power module
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Connecting these modules in series or parallel allows for batteries with a voltage ranging from 48 V up to 1,000 V. The energy density of our modules positions our battery at the edge of the technology by approaching 300 Wh/L.

regulation system

This « brick » controls and optimizes battery temperature in order to improve life, safety and performance. This system can be chosen in three different configurations. A base sub-system ensures homogeneous temperature in the battery system and can be completed by a heating sub-system or a heating/cooling sub-system depending on the climatic constraints to fulfill.

BMS and battery
junction box

This « brick » is the central control unit of the battery which includes power connections communication and safety control. It also includes current management (current sensor, isolation check, contactors, fuse…). It is available in two configurations for low and high voltage applications.

Production plant

100% of WATTALPS batteries are manufactured in our own French plant

Industrial welding robot : best in class technology to ensure quality and traceability.

High quality module manufacturing :

  • Cells from best in class quality suppliers with stock in Europe
  • Parts from qualified european suppliers
  • 7 discriminative testing steps done for 100% of our production
  • Traceability of critical components and test at cell and module level

Production capacity : up to 50 MWh/year.

Design and process: an automotive quality manufacturing process

Assembled in France WATTALPS high performance batteries are equipped with standard cells manufactured in very high quantity (18650 – the mostly used format). In this format, most of the cell chemistries are available and comes from renowned Asian manufacturers (mainly Korean and Japanese). The customer has the insurance to always have access to state-of-the-art performance.

The thermal regulation of the battery has been developed with the know-how and expertise of CEA, a famous French Technology Research Institute. It is combined with a high-end safety electronic system coming from the famous German Technology Research Institute, Fraunhofer IISB. These two technologies and a rigorous product development ensure optimal life and high safety in all circumstances.

Fulfilling automotive regulations, a special attention is given to the manufacturing of the batteries to make this product reliable.

Module Assembly

100% dielectric test

100% seal tests

Validated modules

Module stack

Battery pack

WATTALPS CREW : a combination of experienced and talented people for an ambitious industrial activity in Europe

Left to right:

Our energy and our know-how to serve our industrial partners and our society

With a 45 years cumulated experience in design, manufacturing and use of batteries, in mechanical, electrical and electronical systems, the three partners of WATTALPS form a very complementary team.

They also gather the cultures of three countries at the boarder of the Alps (France, Germany and Italy). They maintain a “crew” spirit to get the best of their competences and energies. The “ALPS” particle in the brand name WATTALPS refers to the mountaineering roots, symbol of will, commitment and solidarity to come through the hardest challenges.

The objective is to build a cleaner industry with a great respect of citizen needs (pollution, noise). It is embodied by strong commitments like recycling 100% of the lithium batteries sold by the company.


20 years of experience in innovation, product development and management in big groups : IFSTTAR for VALEO, BOSCH, CEA… Matthieu has always been keen on energy issues for mobile vehicles. He dedicated his career to this subject and spent 9 years in CEA to develop lithium battery systems for these markets. His ambition is now to build a sustainable industrial project, creating jobs in France.

Manuel RONCO

30 years of experience in production, aftersales and business unit management for SMEs : POLARIS, AIXAM-MEGA, SPIT… Manuel has a deep understanding of customer and manufacturer’s needs. He has 18 years specific experience in the field of batteries for electric vehicles.


13 years of experience in design of mechanical and electrical systems, and 10 years specifically on lithium batteries :TRW, VOLVO TRUCKS, IVECO BUS, CEA… Jean-Noël is expert in battery design and manufacturing.


Eximium was founded in the 90s by French entrepreneur Michel Baulé who experienced an industrial success story in plastics sector. Eximium works today as a Family Oce and its positioning is quite atypical with both a business-oriented and nancial culture. It manages a range of shares of listed and private companies in various sectors, as well as real estate investments, amounting to ca.€ 500m.


InnoEnergy is the innovation engine for sustainable energy across Europe supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. We support and invest in innovation at every stage of the journey – from classroom to end-customer. With our network of partners, we build connections across Europe, bringing together inventors and industry, graduates and employers, researchers and entrepreneurs, businesses and markets.

WATTALPS has built an ecosystem of partners supporting its development

Energy and synergies ! Research, industry, institutions… WATTALPS has developed strong links with renown partners; a sign of confidence in the company development. WATTALPS has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101009840.

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ADEME - Entreprise Engagée pour la Transition Ecologique


Apply for a job at WATTALPS

The WATTALPS Adventure is built on commitment and solidarity of its team members. In a spirit of honesty, transparency and liberty, we want to offer quality products at a competitive price.

With rapid growth opportunities and to fasten our development, we are looking for men and women moved by these same values and motivated to participate in this collective adventure of building a new society.

WATTALPS offers currently the following job positions:

If you think that you are skillful, cautious and motivated to participe in WATTALPS’ development as a team, send us your application by clicking on the link below or by email at

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