KIWA certifies the modular battery system of WATTALPS against IEC 62619 industrial battery standard!

IEC 62619 is an industrial standard for lithium-ion battery safety. Certification body KIWA and WATTALPS worked together for almost a year to confirm that all the requirements of IEC 62619 were fulfilled by the WATTALPS’ modular battery system. The IEC 62619 standard requires a combination of safety tests to be passed and safety documentation to be provided to KIWA, one of five labs in Europe who can certify batteries according to the standard. IEC 62619 certification is used in the industrial equipment sector, including the materials handling, energy storage and shipbuilding industries.

You can download the IEC 62619 certificate for WATTALPS products here.

Kiwa Primara GmbH is an accredited testing laboratory that specializes in testing lithium-ion batteries according to IEC, EN, UN, and RTCA standards. Our company offers comprehensive testing services for a wide range of battery types, including primary and secondary lithium-ion batteries, as well as other battery chemistries. Kiwa Primara’s testing capabilities include electrical and mechanical testing, environmental testing, abuse testing, and safety testing. Our company’s experienced testing professionals use advanced equipment and methodologies to ensure that batteries meet the strict performance, safety, and quality criteria specified by international standards. Our laboratory is accredited by various national and international organizations, including DAkkS and IECEE CB.