WATTALPS develops a new generation of battery modules with the highest standard requirement for Non Road Mobile Machinery. With the help of the European Commission and the EIC Accelerator Grant, WATTALPS has launched the development of a new generation of battery modules.

Based on the principles which make the success of the WATTALPS offer, this new generation of battery modules is developed for:

    • Highest robustness
    • Highest resistance to environmental constraints
    • Highest validation and qualification levels.

2 main evolutions are integrated in this new generation:

    • Improved Battery Management System to fulfill the highest safety standards, keep modularity, flexibility and improve the connectivity;
    • Improved process and design to better handle immersion cooling fluids for the whole life of the battery.

The dimensions and main characteristics of the WATTALPS battery modules remain the same, which reiterates the position of WATTALPS solution as state of the art.. An exhaustive validation plan is on its way, which is covering, as example :

    • EMC tests
    • Electrical tests (short circuit, overcharge…)
    • Crash and crush tests
    • Immersion test
    • Endurance tests
    • Salt spray tests and thermal shocks
    • Fire tests and thermal runaway propagation tests
    • Field tests in construction equipment

The vast majority of these tests will be done with third party qualified test labs. For more information, contact us at info@wattalps.com .