The new generation of WATTALPS batteries successfully passed the most demanding certification tests! Over the last months, WATTALPS conducted more than 30 extreme tests with external labs to qualify its batteries according to the most demanding standards of the industry, to ensure its products are safe and robust. Specifically, the abusive tests according to automotive regulation ECE Regulation 100 revision 3 (R100V3) have been passed as well as the tests according to the industrial standard IEC 62619. The passed tests include:

  • Abusive electrical tests:
    • Overcharge of current
    • Overcharge of voltage
    • Excessive discharge
    • Overtemperature
    • External short circuit
  • Environmental tests:
    • Water jets
    • Immersion
    • Damp heat
    • Salt spray
    • Thermal shocks and cycle tests
    • Cold temperature
    • Hot temperature
  • Abusive mechanical tests:
    • Shocks
    • Vibration
    • Crash
    • Crush
    • Fire

You will see in the following video a summary of the most impressive tests.


As you can see on the video, all tests have been passed without any additional protection around the battery system. This makes integration of our batteries a lot simpler and more cost effective for industrial equipment and vehicles going on the road. The validation of WATTALPS battery system combined with the support of the WATTALPS team all along the battery integration process make the vehicle/machine homologation easier and quicker.

For more information on the needed validation for a battery system, you can read our TechLetter on Lithium-ion battery safety.

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