WATTALPS Gen 3 battery module withstands extreme shocks and vibrations!

Part of the WATTALPS Gen 3 battery module validation plan concerns the ability of WATTALPS’ module to resist to high shocks and vibrations. These shocks and vibrations can occur while being used in heavy duty applications for which the battery has been designed.

The WATTALPS Gen 3 battery module has therefore been submitted to:

    • Freefalls from 1m on concrete
    • 8G vibration, sweeping frequency, 3 axes, 3 hours/axis
    • 90G shocks, 3 axes, 2 directions, 6 shocks/axis

Check out this video of the tests!


After being submitted to this harsh shocks and vibrations, the module was tested and showed to be working as if new:

    • 100% of initial capacity remaining
    • 100% of BMS functions working
    • Sealing kept at the same level
    • Electrical insulation kept at the same level

The WATTALPS Gen 3 battery module validation plan includes numerous other tests to ensure that our battery will work in the most demanding environment, making one of the most tested battery module in the world:

    • Water jets
    • Immersion
    • Damp heat
    • Salt spray
    • Crash
    • Crush
    • Cold temperature
    • Thermal shocks
    • And all battery specific abusive tests (non propagation of thermal runaway, overcharge, short circuit, overtemperature…)

If you are looking for a safe and robust battery to electrify your robust equipment, contact us at info@wattalps.com .