WATTALPS is invited by iVT to present its innovative solution for the electrification of construction equipment. The presentation will be held during the Industrial Vehicle Technology Expo Virtual Conference on the 21st & 22nd of September 2021.

IVT Expo Virtual Conference will gather experts of the industrial vehicle market to further improve their knowledge in 3 main topics:

    1. electric, hybrid & alternative fuels technology,
    2. autonomous technology test & development,
    3. cab design, controls, HMI, ergonomics and human factors.

WATTALPS will take part in the first topic. WATTALPS’ presentation will show how to develop sustainable electrification of Non Road Mobile Machineries with the WATTELSE project. Indeed, Electrification of construction equipment is a major stake of the sector to reduce air pollution, Emission of CO2 and Noise. Meantime, construction companies are facing very demanding needs in term of cost and productivity.

The WATTELSE project is financed by the European Commission to answer to these needs with an innovative turnkey solution to OEMs: A versatile, modular lithium-ion battery system to provide OEMs with a tailored solution capable of maintaining the productivity of a conventional machine. Thanks to its innovative thermal management system, the battery maintains full power capacity for an entire day of work in the rough environment and climate of a construction site.

The WATTELSE project enables WATTALPS to develop and validate a new evolution of its products during the year 2021, to launch the production in 2022. The product is being qualified according to the most demanding standards of the sector to ensure high quality and long life, together with performance and productivity.

To register for the conference, you can follow this link.