The “Expés Solidaires 26” association has for objective to collect funds to financially help schools located in disadvantaged mountain areas or to help the children affected by serious illnesses.

This year it is more than 2500 euros which were collected and partly given to Jamyang school of Leh (Indian Himalaya). This school mainly welcomes Ladakhi children from poor mountain zones.

“Expés Solidaires 26” is currently creating a movie so as to collect more funds. This movie will show the expedition in Kun (7087m) of four of their members. This expedition, realized in alpine style, took place in July, 2018. The alpine style, without sherpas nor fixed ropes and with portage of the whole equipment, implies more commitment than the Himalayan style usually used during the distant expeditions. It was the opportunity for them to live a beautiful inclusive adventure which begun two years ago and which the local press recently echoed.

The initiative of “Expés Solidaires 26” reflects well the spirit of roped partners which leads the WATTALPS team.